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Sweet Puppy Paws

Sharing Puppy Joy

   Welcome to Sweet Puppy Paws, where we are dedicated to producing sweet puppies that excel as companions to you and your family. The greatest achievement one of our puppies can make is to have earned the love, trust, and loyalty of the families or individuals that bring them into their lives. 

We raise Labradors in all three American Kennel Club colors; Black, Yellow, and Chocolate. Our yellow Labradors range in color from a light white to a fox red shade of yellow.  It is our goal to produce what many people refer to as 'English' type Labrador meaning that the dog has a square or 'blocky' head as many people refer to it, a strong well muscled body, and a soft kind expression. Some of our mamas are only part English, but our dads are full English, and we are breeding toward the English style.

We also occasionally have a litter of fun, fluffy, Bernese Mountain Dog puppies or Golden Retriever puppies. 

Our puppies, with their soft eyes and winning personalities, are pleasing to the eye and warming to the heart.

   Feel free to browse our Available Puppies, and if you have any questions please email or call us at the contacts listed on our Contact page and we will be glad to help.
Our Sweet puppies and their parents are owned by God, entrusted to us, and loved by all who know them!

Thank you for visiting!

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